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The following instructions are the general process by which your GPS Logic system is deployed.

1 - Vehicle Hardware Installation

Each vehicle to be tracked requires installation of a new vehicle tracking modem, or configuration of an existing tracking unit.

  1. Download the installation worksheet.
  2. Obtain a list of vehicles to be used with the GPS Logic system, entering the appropriate information on the installation worksheet.
  3. Assign a GPS tracking device to each vehicle. Write down the serial number of the tracking unit and it's corresponding vehicle on the installation worksheet.
  4. Request cellular service activation from GPS Logic. Provide ESN, SIM, OR MEID for each device to be activated.
  5. Install vehicle hardware (see wiring diagrams for installation wiring).
  6. Configure the GPS tracking modem(s) to report to the GPS Logic server. See the configuration instructions on Equipment Page for additional information. Please note that some modems are configured over-the-air by GPS Logic and do not need customer configuration.

2 - GPS Logic Website Setup

The following instructions outline the process for configuration of your GPS Logic website. This section may be completed before or after vehicle hardware installation.

2.1 - Log In

To log into your GPS tracking site, obtain a user name and password from your GPS Logic representative. Once a password is obtained, go to http://www.gpslogic.com and enter your login credentials.

2.2 - Enter Vehicles

Using the information entered on the installation worksheet, enter each vehicle on the Vehicles page. The only required information is the vehicle name. All other fields may be omitted if desired.

2.3 - Enter GPS Modems

Before a vehicle will appear on your GPS Logic map, it must be matched up with the appropriate modem. To enter this, navigate to the Modems page, then enter the identifier of the vehicle modem.

Please note that some vehicle modems, such as those by Sierra Wireless, use a different identifier internally than what is printed on the label. To ensure the correct ID is used, please follow the modem's configuration instructions.

3 - Configuration Complete

After your vehicle and modem information is entered on the GPS Logic site, your vehicles should start tracking. If after 10 minutes, the vehicles do not appear on the map, check the following:

  • Ensure the vehicle modem has been activated. If GPS Logic is not providing cellular service with your plan, check with your cellular carrier.
  • Check indicator lights on the modem to ensure it is powered up and has a cellular connection.
  • Verify that the modem ID is entered correctly on the modem page, and that it's assigned to the appropriate vehicle.
  • Park the vehicle outside. GPS tracking requires a clear view of the sky, preventing vehicles parked indoors from reporting their location.

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