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The instructions should be performed whenever your Garmin personal navigation device (PND) is having issues. In most cases, issues are related to cable and connector looseness or disconnections.

1. Garmin Troubleshooting

In addition to the following instructions, GPS Logic highly recommends having a known working spare Garmin handy when troubleshooting.

1.1. Verify Garmin is Charging

In order for a Garmin messaging device to be able to communicate with the server, it must be receiving power from the data cable and NOT running on it's own internal battery.

Typical installations are wired such that the modem controls power to the Garmin. In this manner, the modem will supply power from the time the ignition is activated until an hour after the ignition is turned off. Alternatively, the Garmin may be powered directly by the ignition where it shuts down immediately upon shutting off the vehicle.

If the Garmin does not indicate it is charging while plugged in, verify all cables and connectors are secure. If a spare known working Garmin is available, it should be used to verify the cables are functional.

1.2. Perform Factory Reset

Once the Garmin is determined to be charging, a factory reset should be performed. This process should be done while the Garmin is DISCONNECTED from the data cable. Do NOT reconnect the Garmin until after the factory reset has been performed and the Garmin has fully booted. If the Garmin is not charged sufficiently to perform a factory reset, it should be allowed to charge continuously for a period of 4 hours before further troubleshooting.

See Section 2 for instructions on how to factory reset the device.

1.3. Verify Communication with Modem

Following a factory reset, the Garmin main menu should display "Where To" with a magnifying glass icon. If the display indicates "Dispatch" with a delivery truck icon, then the factory reset should be attempted again.

With the Garmin fully booted and displaying the main menu with "Where To", plug in the data cable. Within a few seconds the Garmin should change from running on internal battery power to charging. Within approximately 30 seconds, the Garmin display should change from "Where To" (with a magnifying glass) to "Dispatch" (with a delivery truck).

Check the data cable for loose or broken connectors if the "Where To" icon remains displayed more than a minute after the Garmin is plugged into the vehicle. If the "Where To" icon disappears by applying gentle upward or downward pressure on the rear mini-USB connector, then the Garmin may be damaged.

Please contact GPS Logic Support if the Garmin reboots upon being connected to the power/data cable or by wiggling the power connector

1.4. Connections Established

If the Garmin main menu changes from the "Where To" icon to the "Display" icon following a factory reset and subsequent re-connection to the data cable, then all vehicle hardware should be functioning. Should further issues persist, please contact GPS Logic Support for further guidance.

2. Factory Reset

Periodically the Garmin device may require a reset to factory default settings. To complete this, perform the following:

  1. Disconnect the Garmin power cable. If a message is displayed asking if you would like to shutdown, click Yes or OK.
    If the Garmin remains powered on after disconnecting the cable, then press and hold the power button until the device asks if you would like it to shutdown. Please OK to confirm.

    NOTE: Pressing and releasing the power button will simply turn off the display, but not shutdown the device completely. If a message does not display asking you to confirm shutdown, then try again.
  2. With the Garmin powered down completely and the power cable disconnected, press and hold the lower right side of the screen while pressing the power button.
  3. Continue holding the lower right of the screen and the power button until a message is displayed asking if you would like to erase all user data. Release the power button and lower right of the screen, then Click Yes or OK to confirm.
  4. Allow the Garmin device to power up completely.
  5. Power down the Garmin completely by pressing and holding the power button until a message is displayed asking if you would like to shutdown. Click Yes or OK to continue.

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