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The instructions below outline the process for adding timestamp status items to a Garmin navigation unit. This process should be completed for each vehicle whenever a new Garmin is installed or a device is factory reset.

1 - Vehicle Installation Requirements

In order for a Garmin messaging device to be able to communicate with the server, it must be receiving power from the data cable and NOT running on it's own internal battery.

In most cases the vehicle is wired such that the modem controls power to the Garmin. In this manner, the modem will supply power from the time the ignition is activated until at least an hour after the ignition is turned off.

2 - CAD Configuration

In order for the CAD system to communicate with the vehicle, it must be aware of which modem corresponds to each vehicle. This is done by entering the modem's serial number in the Mobile ID field of the Vehicles page in RescueNet Administration.

  1. Open RescueNet Administration
  2. Select Crews, Vehicles, and Units
  3. Expand the Vehicles folder, then click the Vehicles entry to bring up the Edit Vehicle page.
  4. In the Mobile ID field, enter the ESN of the modem currently installed in the selected vehicle.

3 - Garmin Configuration

Once the Mobile ID field of CAD is populated with the correct modem ESN, the vehicle should start receiving call information and routing instructions. At this point however, there are no status items loaded into the Garmin and crews will not be able to timestamp themselves. To populate the Garmin with status items, perform the following:

  1. Log into the GPS Logic tracking website using your e-mail address and password.
  2. Select Vehicles from the top level navigation menu, then select Garmin Configuration from the sub menu to bring up the following screen:
  3. Select the desired vehicle from the drop down list and ensure the Garmin Link state is UP. If the link is down, enter 1 in the Digital Outputs section, then click the Activate button. Please wait approximately 30 seconds while the modem remotely powers on the Garmin.
  4. Once the link is confirmed up, the Garmin status list can be modified as follows:
    1. Click the Reset Status List button in the Status section. This will delete any old items that may be left over in the Garmin from a previous installation.
    2. Select the desired status item(s) from the Available Status Items on the left, then click the >> button to send the status to the Garmin. Within approximately 5 to 10 seconds, the right list should be populated with the selected status item as follows:
    3. Continue moving items onto the Garmin until all desired statuses are in the right hand list with the success indicator.

The Garmin is now configured and ready for use.

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