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The following instructions outline the steps necessary for configuring the Logic-5000 to report to a GPS Gateway server. This must be configured for each Logic-5000 in order for it track properly.

These configuration steps should be performed following installation in a vehicle. For installation support including wiring diagrams, please see the modem installation page.

1 - Logging in to the Logic-5000

To configure the Logic-5000 for reporting to the GPS Gateway server, connect it to a power source and attach a computer either via ethernet cable or WiFi to the device.

1.1 - Log in via Ethernet

Using either a straight through or cross-over ethernet cable, connect the Logic-5000 to the PC. From an internet browser, enter in the address bar field, then press enter.

When prompted, enter the default username of admin and the default password of password. Once logged in, continue to Section 2 for setting the ID of the modem.

1.2 - Log in via WiFi

To connect to the Logic-5000 using WiFi, attach to it's default WiFi signal with SSID GPSLogic and WEP key 8884770911.

By default, the Logic-5000 broadcasts an AD-HOC SSID of GPSLogic using no authentication, and WEP encryption key of 8884770911 (hex).

Once connected via WiFi, open an internet browser and enter in the address field, then press enter.

2 - Setting Modem ID

To set the ID reported by the modem, browse to the Basic page, and enter a unique identifier for the vehicle or modem, then click Save.:

Logic-5000 Identifier Field.

3 - Configure GPS & Network

To configure the network and AVL settings, select GPS from the left menu to open the GPS settings page. Next, click the AAVL Settings tab to select this page:

Logic-5000 AAVL configuration. Ensure the correct values are in the highlighted fields.

3.1 - Set Reporting Interval

Under the Remote Delivery section, enter the following:

  • Report every X seconds - Recommend: 120 Seconds. Sets the Logic-5000 to report its position at least every X seconds.
  • Report every X meters - Recommend: 10 meters. Sets the Logic-5000 to report whenever the vehicle moves at least X meters. Movements less than the set meter interval will not be sent until the above time interval is passed.
  • But no less than X seconds between reports - Recommend: 5 Seconds. Sets the maximum frequency of position reports in seconds.

Example: Using the defaults above, a vehicle would report its position every two minutes while stationary, or as fast as every 5 seconds when moving.

3.2 - Configure Destination of Location Reports

The Logic-5000 is able to transmit its location information to three different servers at the same time. By default, GPS Logic recommends the following settings:

  • TCP Server Format: Disabled
  • UDP Host 1 Format: TAIP, With ID
  • UDP Host 1 Address: Enter external IP of GPS Gateway server
  • UDP Host 1 Port: 21000
  • UDP Host 2 Format: Disabled
  • UDP Host 2 Address: Leave blank
  • UDP Host 2 Port: Leave blank
  • UDP Host 3 Format: Disabled
  • UDP Host 3 Address: Leave blank
  • UDP Host 3 Port: Leave blank

Once the settings are configured, click the Save button. Assuming a clear GPS satellite reception, the Logic-5000 should begin reporting its position within several minutes.

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