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The following procedure will restore the Logic-5000 to its factory default settings.

Note: For security reasons, the Logic-5000 will not wipe its data when the reset button is pressed and held.

Default Login Information:
  • Ethernet IP Address:
  • WiFi IP Address:
  • Username: admin
  • Password: password
  • WiFi SSID: GPSLogic
  • WEP Key: 8884770911

  1. Download and save the appropriate default configuration file to your desktop: config.tar.gz
  2. Attach to the Logic-5000 using an ethernet or WiFi connection.
  3. Launch the web administration application by entering the IP address of the Logic-5000 in a web browser, and pressing enter.
    If the IP address of the modem has been changed from the default, it may be determined by connecting a computer directly to the modem's ethernet port and obtaining a DHCP address lease. After the computer receives its IP, the modem's address will be the same as the default gateway IP on the PC.
  4. From the web admin application, select System Upgrade from the side menu to bring up the following:
  5. Under the Configuration File section, click the Browse button and select the previously downloaded config.tar.gz file, then click the Upload button to save the settings.
  6. If using the L-5000 with GPS Logic's Fleet Management System, see the instructions on the Logic-5000 Configuration page to configure the device for reporting to a GPS Logic Gateway server.
  7. Reset the L-5000.

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