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The following procedure will configure AirLink based modems to report their position data to the GPS Logic AVL system.

Note: Prior to configurating the device, have the following on hand to prior to attempting configuration of the modem.

  • Modem IP Address
    • If configuring remotely, this will be the cellular IP
    • If configuring locally, this is by default
  • GPS Logic AVL Server IP Address
  • GPS Logic AVL Server Port (Typically 22335)
  • GPS Logic APN: we01.vzwstatic

  1. Ensure the modem is powered up completely and connected to a computer using an ethernet cable.
  2. Access the modem's configuration options by opening a browser and entering the modem's public IP address in the format http://[ip address]:9191, then press enter. A modem with IP address would use the URL (this is the default IP address for most Airlink modems).
  3. When prompted for a user name and password, enter the user name user and password 12345, then press enter.
  4. Upon successful login, the following page will be presented:
  5. Obtain the modem ID by selecting About from the home page, then note the Device ID field value. The digits following the 0x000001 prefix must be entered in the ESN field of your GPS Logic AVL system for your modem.
  6. Configure the modem to use a static IP address by selecting the WAN/Cellular tab, then entering we01.vzwstatic for the User Entered APN.
  7. Click the Apply button to save the new APN settings.
  8. Configure the modem to report its position data to the GPS Logic server by selecting the GPS tab of the modem's web page, then check the boxes below and enter the respective values:
  9. Click the Apply button.
  10. Click the Reboot link on the upper right of the web configuration page.
  11. If not already done, enter the device ID obtained in Step 4 on the Modem's page of your GPS Logic web site.

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